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9anime – A place to watch wide range of anime titles online in English!

Maybe you’ve heard of anime streaming sites before. Some of the most known are very good, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use others. On 9Anime you can Watch English Subbed and English Dubbed anime and cartoons in high quality for free. It’s one of the top cartoon streaming sites right now.

The website offers a wide selection of options and features that can please everyone. You can search for episodes and shows using a search engine. This engine sorts your results by genre, by date, and others. It also has a quick filter that you can use if you want to get more specific results.

9anime is updated regularly so you won’t miss a single episode of the most popular animes – even the newest episodes of shows like Boruto and One Piece can be found there. The main downside is, of course, the flood of ads these sites have. 9anime isn’t the exception to this rule: yes, you can watch everything you want for free, but you’ll need to learn how to avoid the ads.

Is 9Anime legal?

Technically, no. 9anime is one of the biggest illegal anime streaming sites and is free because of the many ads it contains. But watching something on the website is not illegal. This is similar to websites such as Kisscartoon, where the streamers are the ones which are doing illegal things while you, as the watcher, are not doing anything wrong from a legal stand-point. So yes, it is illegal to download things from the site, but there is nothing stopping you from watching something on whatever website you choose.

I personally prefer to watch anime on Kisscartoon over Crunchyroll and Funimation because it has a much wider variety of shows and has both Dubbed and Subbed to choose from. 9anime has the dubbed and subbed option too, and its database receives regular updates. After trying the sites for yourself, it should be easy to decide which one you want to use.

Is 9anime Down?

Is 9anime down for everyone or just me? To know the current availability of  9anime.is by visit this page.

9anime reddit:

To keep connected with your anime watching neighborhoods you can always get connected by joining 9anime reddit page r/9anime/.

9anime Official Domains:

  • 9anime.to
  • 9anime.is
  • 9anime.ch

Current Official site url: www4.9anime.is

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