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If you’re looking for a website to watch your favorite anime for free, Anilinkz ( may be the site you need, it has many anime links. This website doesn’t host the shows – it has links that direct you to the series you’re looking for. It’s updated very regularly and it has English subbed and dubbed anime, so you can watch whatever you want, the way you want. anilnkz

AniLinkz – A Huge Database of Anime series

Anilinkz has a huge database, containing not only anime shows, but also movies, and OVAs. It has a featured section where you can see what the site recommends and decide if you want to watch that or not. The frequency of the updates is something worth mentioning – the site can be updated repeated times in just one day. You can rest assured if you use Anilinkz – you won’t miss a single episode anymore.

The main downside of the page relies on the advertisement pages. As many other anime streaming sites, it’s free. You don’t need to pay anything to watch whatever you want. But the page is flooded with ads, so you need an ad blocker to remain safe using it. anilink Despite this, if you have a bit of common sense you’ll be completely safe using the site.

The main page has a trending section and a section dedicated to the newest anime episodes. aniilinkz If you’re watching a show with weekly episodes, with Anilinkz you only need to enter the main page. If it’s released then you’ll see it right there, and you’ll have the option to start watching it right away. On the other hand, if you’re just out of new things to watch you can also try the trending section – maybe you could find something new there. Or just try the Search button and see for yourself how huge the database is aninlkz.

It doesn’t matter if you like big, mainstream shows, or if you enjoy watching short animes instead – Anilinkz has them all. Go give it a try. I wasn’t left disappointed and neither will you.

Anilinkz alternatives

Here are some alternatives to Anilinkz (sites like Anilinkz) to watch anime online free.

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