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TubeiFlix Conclusion on Myanimelist: My anime list is one of the top web communities ever built for Anime & Manga Fans.

My animelist (Your anime advisor): If you’re into anime (Japanese animation and cartoons), you probably haven’t seen just one.

Sometimes it’s difficult to keep track of every show you’ve seen, especially if you tend to see short shows, between 12 and 25 episodes. Maybe you’ve heard of, a music tracker site that lets you keep a registry of every song you hear? Myanimelist [myanimelst] can do this with your anime shows.

Myanimelist – Wikipedia of anime The site is huge and it has been working for years. MAL allows you to create a user profile in which you can keep track of your watched animes, and rate them from 1 to 10 with my anime list rating scale. You can mark a show as watched, pending, watching (which means you’re currently seeing it but you haven’t finished it yet), not interested, and more. You can also see the profiles of other users and take a look at their finished animes and ratings.

My anime list Forum

Myanimelist has a community forum – that’s why is regarded as a social network for anime, too. Every registered user of the site can interact and discuss episodes and ratings in MAL, and bring questions to the next level in a forum thread.

Myanime list manga

If you’re into manga, you may have a place here as well since Myanimelist also works the same way with manga chapters! You can rate them and add them to your profile the same way you do it with anime shows and episodes on my anime list.

Social interaction is the key to the success of Myanimelist. Not every anime site can do what MAL does. However, what is its greatest strength can be the biggest weakness as well – users can be disrespectful, arrogant and highly toxic sometimes. As every social network out there, you must remember that the first thing you should do is to respect others’ opinions. If you can do this you will become a great user of Myanimelist. Enter the site My animelist, register and enjoy!

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